Hiring a yacht around Langkawi and Tioman Island

Area characteristics :

Wind & Weather: The climate is tropical with hot winters and even hotter summers. The northeast monsoon blows from October to April with winds between 2 to 5 Bf from the north east. Temperatures tend to stay around 30°. It is permanently dry and sunny with ideal sailing winds. The southwest monsoon is the wet season and lasts from April to October with winds between 2 to 6 Bf from the southwest. The rain comes from the Indian Ocean and usually hits late afternoon or evening, with gusts of wind up to 50 knots and lasting one or two hours. August, September and October are the wettest months; where you’re more likely to experience consecutive days of rain and strong winds.

Best Sailing time: October to April.

Difficulty: This sailing area can be classified as simple to medium. However, there are often difficult to recognize reefs that often line the anchorages. They need to be handled with extreme care.

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Navigation: In good weather conditions eyeball navigation is possible. With partially obstructed views a GPS is required.  Anchoring during a thunderstorm with driving rain should be avoided as visibility is often reduced to zero. Only a few anchorages are in completely clear water and reefs are often hard to identify. The area is virtually non-buoyed and only moderately marked.

We recommended anchoring by 5:00pm at the latest.  The tidal range is about 3 feet with a current of about 2 knots

Ports and anchorages:

In Langkawi, there are three marinas: the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Telaga Harbour and the Rebak Marina. The anchorages on the west coast of the islands are exposed during the south-west monsoon and therefore unsafe. There are numerous beautiful anchorages in the region: Ko Kradan, Ko Talibong, Ko Petra, Butang group with Ko Butang and Ko Lipi and Ko Taru Tao with Ao Pante, Ao Son, Ban Ao Makham and Hole to name just a few. The main dishes of Malay cuisine are fresh, delicious and well priced, usually consisting of fish and shellfish.

We recommend that you drive around the first few days the southern part of Langkawi. Restaurants are scarce so self-catering on board is pretty much essential. Elsewhere, in most of the bays around Langkawi, there are plenty of restaurants and shops. If you wish  to sail to the Thai island, you should provision enough to last you for the entire trip. The area is largely made up of national parks without many options to get supplies.

Regulations and authorities: The following charges apply when entering Thailand from Langkawi: 180RM per person for 1-5 days, plus 300 RM per yacht. These are one-off payments, which include all immigration, customs clearance and port authority formalities. Cruising tax in the Mae Nam National Park costs 400 BHT per person per night. Warning: the possession of narcotics and weapons is strictly prohibited.

Getting there: Fly with Malaysian Airlines via Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi; or with Singapore Airlines to Singapore and from there with SilkAir to Langkawi.