Chartering a yacht in Greece

Welcome to the Land of the Gods, an ancient world full of diversity. This is a location where the possibilities are almost limitless – every day a new island, another wonderful bay, white Cycladic villages with picturesque harbours, hospitable people, beautiful churches, wonderful nightlife and stunning sunsets.

The Saronic Gulf is a protected area for sailing and great for anyone who wants to kick back and relax, while the Ionian Sea, on the west coast of Greece, is perfect for families. The green islands of Hydra, Poros, Aegina, Angistri, Spetses and Epidavros offer pleasant sailing and lots to see, despite their proximity to Athens.

Yacht Charter Greece

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The beautiful Dodecanese, despite being rather undiscovered, are still accessible thanks to their numerous sheltered bays, small ports and safe anchorages.

The Aegean Sea in spring and autumn, when the Meltemi (the northerly wind of the Aegean Sea) is no longer in the action, offers a great sailing area for any sailor.

This sailing area is considered tricky thanks to the rather changeable wind conditions, which in the lee of the islands can quickly grow to gale force.

During the summer, the Meltemi blows from the North. But in spring and autumn, the wind blows from the south and southeast. Be aware, that even though the Meltemi is referred to as a fair weather wind, it can still make its presence felt on cloudy days.

It’s important to be careful sailing around the Greek islands. We advise listening to Radio Athens (everyday at 6:30am in English and Greek) or tuning in to the latest weather reports around the clock on the radio channel.

The Aegean is more suited to experienced sailors as it can be quite rough. Between the islands you might experience some stormy gusts.

Anyone with an experienced crew who wants to tackle a sporty cruising area, can sail to Mykonos in the high season of the Meltemi, during the months of July and August.

Quiet, but no less attractive, is the Saronic Gulf and the Ionian Sea.  Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses are very close to Athens, while Corfu and Lefkas are further out in the centre of the Ionian Sea.  As long as you can put up with the Meltemi wind, there are beautiful family and leisure areas to explore.

Not quite as rough as the Cyclades, but not quite as calm as the Ionian Sea and the Saronic Gulf, are the Dodecanese islands which extend from Leros, Patmos and Kalymnos in the north to Kos, Nisiros, Tilos and Simi or Rhodes in the south. Although this area is close to the Turkish coast, you need to be aware that the Meltemi can cause quite a stir. The beauty of the Dodecanese is that it’s still a fairly undiscovered yacht chartering area, which is why we highly recommend it.

The Ionian Sea is a great alternative for sailors who want to explore a number of places in one trip. Not only the green islands of Corfu, Lefkas and Kefalonia, but also the many smaller islands in this popular sailing area, which each have their own charm. Across them all you can clearly see a strong Italian influence in the architecture. A trip to Ithaca is also highly recommended.

The advantages of chartering a yacht with Cosmos Yachting:

  • Discover fantastically beautiful areas in the Mediterranean, explore small coves that are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving. The crystal clear water and white, sandy beaches are often compared to those of the Caribbean.
  • Start from our base in Athens on board a state of the art sailing yacht, catamaran or motorboat, such as our Bavaria Cruiser 56 which sleeps up to 10 people in comfort.

– Experience personalised service using our toll free customer hotline

– We guarantee first-class customer service before, during and after the booking of your holiday